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See why Toronto Area Locksmith has the best reviews for a Locksmith Service in the city

I had the pleasure of dealing with the team at Toronto Area Locksmith the other week when I somehow managed to break my car key in half while trying to unlock my door. The broken piece came out pretty easily thankfully, but it would not start my car. I called the car key locksmiths over at Toronto Locksmith and they sent a guy right out to make the car key replacement I needed to get back to my busy weekend. Thanks again guys!

Recently I moved into a new home, upon getting to know my neighbours I also was greeted with one of the old owners work colleague from out of town. He walked right into my home and was equally as shocked when he learned his friend no longer lived there. Needless to say I called Toronto Area Locksmiths right away to change all the locks in my house so that no other unwanted or invited guest can surprise me again. They came out right away changed all the locks in my house and ever showed me what the addition of CCTV cameras could do for my added security. Thank you oh so much once again!

The other morning I arrived at work only to notice that someone had broken in the night before, the place was ransacked all of our merchandise ruined. Frantic I called the police who arrived fairly quickly but also the locksmith I called from Toronto Area Locksmith arrived pretty quickly too. He got right to work getting all the locks on my exterior door changed and keyed to the same key in less time than it took for the police to file the report. Within a few short hours we were back up and running as if nothing happened and all of it could not have happened without the help from your technician Joe! Thanks again!

Need to give a huge thanks to the team at Toronto Area Locksmiths who sent out a technician right to the parking lot I happened to be lucky enough to be stranded in when I locked my keys in my car after watching the Maple Leafs play. It felt like forever waiting for them to arrive but it actually only took 16 minutes from when I hung up the phone until the guy showed up. He walked over performed his magic and I was inside my car within 5 minutes of him showing up. Price wasn’t too bad either! Thank you for the quick help!